How much does it cost to be listed in the directory?

There is no cost to be included in the directory.

How do I add my name to the directory or change my information?

You can use the Therapist Submission Form to provide your information to us. The directory is run by volunteers, so it generally takes a few days to update your information.

What do I need to have to be eligible to be listed in the directory?

In addition to practicing in the Eugene/Springfield area, at a minimum you will need:

I'm an intern and not yet licensed; can I be listed?

Yes, however by default interns are not listed unless they contact us directly. Make sure to let us know when you are licensed so that we can update your information.

I don't have a website; can I still be listed?

Unfortunately, no. Remember, our potential clients live in the 21st century.

How do you calculate how long someone has practiced in Oregon?

This information is obtained directly from the respective state licensing board.

Where did you get the listing information from?

All information is either submitted to us by the therapist themselves or gathered and verified from publicly available sources.

Do you reverify this information?

We verify the information once it is submitted to us. We do NOT reverify this information after initial submission and it is the responsibility of each therapist to keep us updated if they would like their listing to reflect any changes.

I don't want my information to be part of the directory; how do I have it removed?

Simply send us an email from the email address you have listed on your website (or from an email in the same domain name if part of a group practice) letting us know you'd like to be removed.

Why did you add my information without my consent?

If the information is public, then it is public information. While we can remove your entry, if you still have your information listed online, then it is (again) public information.

What size photo should I provide?

Any size will do, but for best results, make sure your photo is at least 640 x 480 pixels large at a resolution of 72 dpi. Most modern phones and cameras will do this nicely.