Amanda Smith, LPC

Amanda Smith, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

89733 Armitage Road
Eugene, OR 97408

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So, maybe you would like to know a bit about the person you are about to see. Did you know that’s kind of taboo in the therapy world? It is, but I also believe in authenticity, kindness, and openness. So, here’s a little snapshot. I’m silly, warm, and love to listen to everyone in my life. I love the outdoors, travel (the above picture is from an epic family road trip from Oregon to Colorado), reading, listening to podcasts, my awesome Episcopal parish, and singing at the top of my lungs. I integrate mindfulness into at least one moment each day. I love my crazy family, even though there are days that they drain every last ounce of energy out of me. I’m a former military spouse and am still very connected to that community. I grew up on a farm, in Eugene, Oregon, and now have my office operating at said farm (cool, right?).

Earlier I said I wouldn’t talk about clinical mumbo jumbo, but this might be the right place to do that. My educational background is in cognitive-behavioral therapy. The field has changed quite a bit over the last 17 years in applied behavioral science, so some of the things I learned, I don’t use as much now. But, with training in Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and a utilization of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy techniques, my style remains primarily behavioral, with an underlying focus on attachment-based concepts. Ok, there it is. The clinical mumbo jumbo. Some of you might like that, even need that, to know I’m not just some lady who hung up a shingle. I respect that. Heck, I like to know that stuff! If you love this stuff like me, you can read more on my blog.

I’m a pretty open book, so if you have questions, call for a consultation. Being here for others, reducing the stigma around mental health therapy, and furthering the idea that therapy really is cool, is what I’m all about. I hope I can make therapy cool for you!

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