About the Directory

Imaging taking a walk in your neighborhood. You happen upon a home for sale, which always evokes an idle sense of curiousity: How big is it, what does it cost, how long has it been on the market, and so on. You walk up to the box standing in front of the "For Sale" sign to reach for a flyer and...

It's empty.

No flyers. No sales information. Just an empty box staring you in the face. "Perhaps," you slowly contemplate to yourself, "they really aren't serious about selling."

These days, when searching for a professional counselor, you expect to find information about them on the internet. Unfortunately, most therapist directories will list anyone without verification. Many include unncessary information (really, who cares if your therapist uses "psychoanalytic" versus "person-centered" techniques? Only therapists care about this in most cases; you just want to find a counselor). Worse, many directories tend to include professionals that are not actually located in the Eugene/Springfield area.

Eugene Therapist Directory was created out of this need with a hope to provide a simple, centralized list of active counseling professionals. All information is individually verified from the respective State of Oregon licensing boards and directly from the practitioner's website. If a counselor doesn't have an online presence, they aren't listed here. Additionally, profiles on Eugene Therapist Directory are so that there will be no commercial incentives or bias.

Also, this bit is important: While therapists can provide their information, no one can directly update their profile without first having it reviewed by us. Information submitted to us is verified, validated, and organized in a way that, hopefully, is of use to potential clients.

— The folks at Eugene Therapist's Directory